Colin Huey is my daughter's driving instructor, and I have to say that Colin is able to get my daughter to what she needed to do to become a confident person behind a wheel , Colin was able to have my daughter driving with confidence in the first lesson. With his patience and excellent guidance my daughter really enjoys driving now and does not have a fear about getting behind the wheel anymore. Shoot she even parallel parks the car with NO problems. As a parent, the change and joy that I can see in my daughter about her driving skill is priceless. I recommend Colin to any Parent and/or student that is learning how to drive. -- Young W, San Francisco, CA. 9/27/2012

Colin is a quality instructor who makes sure you're not cutting corners when it comes to rules of the road. He puts you through the basic modus operandi of being a driver and instills it into your mind. What I've learned from my instruction is starting to become habit which is how it should be. My first lesson taught me the basics, from there I was mostly driving on parental supervision and learning day by day but after two driving test attempts (He picks your up 2 hours before your test, goes around the testing area and the pitfalls/traps with you before checking in) with Colin and some fast learning I got my license 2 months before my permit was set to expire and now I no longer have to commute on BART to get to class in San Mateo. This guy is well worth your money, remember the adage "You Get What You Pay For" Oliver M, Daly City, 9/12/2012

I had a really positive experience with instructor Colin Huey. I only took 3 lessons with him and passed my test so easily. He teaches you everything you need to know in detail, gives you dvds and booklets to study, and also the prices are really great! I highly recommend this driving school. Amanda K, San Francisco, 8/03/2012

Colin worked with my daughter and she passed on the first try!! Before he worked with her, she had never driven a car. She took three lessons within 1 month and took the test exactly 30 days after her first lesson. I could not have taught her myself. I get too mad and she starts crying. Without Colin showing her the basics and working with her, I don't know she would have learned. Great job. Would do it again. Now, I can retire from the chauffeur business. !!! Jason B, Daly City, 6/27/2011

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